Curfew in Ukraine’s Kherson : Signs of major military action from Russia 

Kherson (Ukraine) – A curfew was declared in Kherson on the 4th of November. Kherson’s Russian-appointed Governor, Stremosov, said that the situation would worsen. In Kherson, Ukrainian forces are recapturing lost territory, while Russian President Putin has signaled major action against them. Ukraine-occupied Kherson has been ordered by Putin to be evacuated. Putin reiterated that the Province of Kherson is under Russian jurisdiction.

Kherson is a strategically important region for Russia 

Russia wants to capture Black Sea ports. Kherson is a major port on the Black Sea. The city is very close to the Russian border. Kherson is a leading shipbuilding centre that builds merchant ships, tankers, container ships, icebreakers and Arctic supply ships. By annexing this area to Russia, Russia itself can increase its naval power.