Ukraine destroyed another Russian warship

Ukraine destroyed Russian warship by using underwater drone used by terrorist outfits like Al-Qaeda

File photo : Russian warship

Kyiv (Ukraine) – Ukraine destroyed Russian warship at its base Sevastopol in Black sea by using underwater drone. Attacking likewise by underwater drone Ukraine destroyed Russia’s 2nd warship. Earlier warship Moskva had been destroyed by using underwater drone. Now the warship Makarov replacing Moskva has been destroyed. Al-Qaeda and other terrorist outfits use such underwater drones for destroying vessels. This drone had the shape like ‘Speed boat’ carrying hundreds of kilos of explosives. Russia tried to stop this drone from attacking its warship through helicopter; but in vain. Around 30 to 40 Russian warships are presently at the base. Hence, now Russia might call these ships back or make the necessary arrangements of providing sufficient accessories for their protection.