Russian women are sending addresses of divorced husbands and ex-boyfriends to the military

Russia’s forced recruitment campaign

Moscow (Russia) – The conflict between Russia and Ukraine continues. Russia is recruiting a large number of troops. As a result, the Government is forcing men into the Army. It has been observed that some people are taking advantage of this. It includes women who are divorced or young women who have been abandoned by their boyfriends. They are sending the addresses of their husbands and ex-boyfriends to the Army. They are asking why they have not been recruited in the Army yet ? In response, Army has tracked down the concerned people from these addresses and conscripted them to Army. These men have stopped paying for child support after the divorce.

According to these women, their ex-husbands should be sent to war so they can take responsibility for serving their Country. Mrs Borisova said that my daughter’s father lives nearby. Unfortunately, he has not been summoned for Army recruitment. I think if he can’t take responsibility for his daughters then at least he should take responsibility for the Country.

President Putin’s this campaign of military recruitment has received a lot of opposition. Many old and sick people have also been sent to war so far. Millions of men have already fled the Country and those who remain are hiding at home.