Narendra Modi is a patriot and India’s future is glorious under his leadership

Prime Minister Narendra Modi praised by Russian President Putin !

Moscow (Russia) – Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a great patriot. Under his leadership, India has a glorious future. His ‘Make in India’ scheme is important from both an economic and policy point of view. He is capable of following an independent foreign policy when there is an attempt to put limitations and sanctions. I am sure that India will have an increasing role in world issues, praised Russian President Vladimir Putin. He was speaking at the annual Valdai Discussion Club Seminar in Moscow. He said that the relations between Russia and India are good. And he further clarified that there is no dispute between them on any issue.

Putin further said,

India has come a long way from being a British Colony to an Independent Nation. India is the largest democracy in the world. So, the future is theirs (India’s). This is something of pride for every Indian. We have a special relationship with India. We have never ever had any differences or issues with each other. We have supported each other and are doing so now too. I am sure in the future it will be the same.

Prime Minister Modi is like an ‘ice-breaker’. He can very well protect the interests of the Indian people. Modi is one of those individuals who are experts in drawing up an independent foreign policy. Many western countries tried to put various kinds of sanctions on India and are trying to do so now too, but Modi has ignored them.

India has always been special for Russia. Our relations go back a long way. It is important that there are no issues between us!

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