We are scared living in Britain !

A letter to PM Liz Truss by more than 180 Indians and Hindu organisations !

(Right side) British  PM Liz Truss

London – More than 180 Indians and Hindu organisations have written a letter to the PM Liz Truss saying that they scared of living in Britain. In this letter they have talked about the attack on Hindus by the Muslims in Leicester and Birmingham. They have appealed to the PM to take care of the security of Indians and Hindus in the letter. There are 6 appeals in the letter. This letter is signed by organisations that include National Council of Hindu Temples, BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Sanstha UK, Indian National Students Association UK, Iskcon Manchester, Overseas Friends of BJP (UK), the Hindu Lawyers Association (UK) etc.

(Credit : The Economic Times) 

The letter says that the Hindu community stays in Britain from last 50 years. The Hindu population in less than 2% in Britain but still we have given a valuable contribution. We not only give social and financial contribution but sincerely follow the British code of conduct. We obey all the British laws but still we feel unsafe here. We wish to draw your attention to the recent disturbances in Leicester, Birmingham and other towns which have greatly distressed the Indian and Hindu communities in the UK. Hatred towards the Hindu community is at an all-time high, to the point where there has been open violence, intimidation, and abuse levelled at Hindus through physical assaults, harassment on social media, and most recently through soft targeting in schools and the workplace. Considering the situation, the British should take the required steps and take care of the security of the British Hindus.

Editorial viewpoint

The situation is similar in India, where the Hindus are in minority. It should not be a surprise if they too write such a letter to the PM of India !