Muslims should be ready to face the consequences if they dare to apply heena on Hindu women !

A warning by Hindu Mahasabha in Muzaffarnagar (UP) due to Love Jihad !

Muzaffarnagar (UP) – On the occasion of ‘Karwa Chauth’, the festival of married Hindu women, Hindu Mahasabha has given a warning to the Muslim heena artists. They have warned that the intentions of Muslim youth who have opened mehndi shops are “different” and they have “love jihad” on their minds. Hence, they should be ready to face the consequences if they dare apply heena on the hands of Hindu women. Even in 2021, some social elements has prohibited Muslims from applying heena. The Police charged those individuals.

1. The member of Hindu Mahasabha Lokesh Saini said that we have taken this step to save our sisters from being a victim of love jihad. The shopkeepers for whom ‘Karwa Chauth’ is an important event, should hire Hindu ladies for applying heena.

2. Vikram Saini, a BJP MLA from Khatauli, said that they trap Hindu girls under love jihad under the guise of this (mehndi work). There have been many such cases. My request (to Hindu women) is to apply mehndi at home or from shops and beauty parlours opened by our community members.

3. Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) opened 13 mehndi stalls and tasked its members with ensuring that Muslim male make-up artists do not apply mehndi or henna to Hindu women. They are verifying the details of the mehndi artists by checking their Aadhar cards.

What is ‘Karwa Chauth’ ?

‘Karwa Chauth’ is a Hindu festival on which married Hindu women fast from sunrise to sunset for the long life of the husband. They apply heena as a part of makeup.