Woo Saraswati if you want knowledge and Lakshmi if you want money : Inane words of BJP MLA Banshidhar Bhagat

Uttarakhand BJP MLA Banshidhar Bhagat’s infuriating statement

BJP MLA Banshidhar Bhagat

Haldwani (Uttarakhand) – During a programme on International Girls’ Day, BJP MLA Banshidhar Bhagat said, “Woo Saraswati if you want knowledge, lure Durga if you want power and lure Lakshmi if you want money”. Many women and girls were present in this programme. People on the dais with Bhagat ‘applauded’ his statement with laughter. Rekha Arya, Uttarakhand Women’s Development Minister, was also present for this programme.

Bhagat asked, “What do the men have ? Shiva ! Lord Shiva resides in the Himalayas, with a snake wrapped around His neck. Lord Vishnu lies hidden in the depths of the ocean, so there is no communication between the two Gods”.

Editorial viewpoints

  • This statement shows that our leaders do not have knowledge on Dharma and they do not know the importance of the Deities.
  • Hindus are wondering if the BJP, which took action against its MLA T Raja Singh for allegedly insulting Prophet Mohammad, will take action against Banshidhar Bhagat !