Pakistan’s citizens heckle Pakistan’s female Minister in the streets of London with slogans of ‘thief’ ‘thief’

London (Britain) – Pakistan’s Minister Miriam Aurangzeb was heckled here by Pakistani Nationals. In a coffee shop, ex-Prime Minister Imran Khan’s supporters shouted ‘thief thief’ to heckle Miriam. Then they chased her on the streets of London. These supporters accused her of roaming in London with the money looted from Pakistan.

This incident went viral on social media. In it, Miriam Aurangzeb was seen to be calm. She adviced Imran Khan’s supporters, ‘What kind of message will go out in society if your mothers and sisters are accused by someone in this manner ? This is not the way to show one’s opposition. If you want to oppose a person you can do so through by casting the vote’.

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