1,000% increase in attacks on Hindus globally : A report by US based institution, NCRI Inc.

500% increase, highest so far in US in 2020

New York (USA) – Dr Joel Finkelstein, the founder of Network Contagion Research Institute (NCRI Inc.) said that Anti-Hindu posts have been published through social media. There is a rise in the attacks on temples in the last few months in US. Canada also is facing the similar incidents. In England also such attacks were deliberate. Attacks on Indians having the US citizenship have increased by 500% in 2020.

Hindu Temples are vandalised by jihadi gangs from Pakistan

According to the investigation by the British Police, jihadi gang from Pakistan was involved in the recent attacks on Hindu temples in Leicester and Birmingham. Pakistan based terror organisations are trying to spread jihad in the UK. The terrorists are kept in shelter homes in the UK which are covertly run by the madarasas. In a few raids conducted in Edinburgh, a few suspects were apprehended.

Muslims are Minority in Britain, but are a majority in jail

As per the report presented in the British Parliament out of more than 7 crore population in Britain, 4% are Muslims. Muslims involved in crimes are higher in proportion. Among prisoners in jail in Britain, 18% are Muslims. The report states that all together Hindus are 2% of the population in England and Wales. But none of them was imprisoned for a major crime.

Hindus are 14 lakh and Pakistani Muslims are 11 lakh in Britain

Muslim population in Britain is more than 28 lakh. It includes Muslims from Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Morocco and Algeria. Pakistani Jihadi gang attacked Hindu temples with the assistance of some of the other Muslims.

Editorial viewpoints

  • It is disgraceful for Hindus that such information is obtained by a US based institute. No Hindu organisation in India or abroad nor the Indian Government could obtain it. Hindu organisations and the Indian Government should explain how they are going to stop such attacks on Hindus.
  • It is no wonder that Hindus are attacked abroad, because being a majority in India they are attacked in the same way.