Russia to mobilise three lakh reservists to fight against western countries !

  • Russia-Ukraine war
  • Putin warns of a nuclear attack !

Moscow –  It has been seven months since the war between Russia and Ukraine started; even then, the western countries including the USA have failed, so far, to put curb on Russia’s aggressiveness. Russian President Vladimir Putin has refuted Ukraine’s claim of taking back control over some of its cities that were overpowered by Russia, and he has declared the mobilisation of three lakh reservists. It is, therefore, said that the western powers have become more worried with his announcement.

1. As per the information given by sources, the partial mobilisation of twenty lakh Russian reservists would escalate Russia’s power. Partial mobilisation of the army means mobilisation of citizens from certain age groups or of citizens who have undergone military training. Russian citizens will also have to take an active part in the war due to this decision. The citizens, who have undergone military training and have necessary experience, will be taken back into the army leading to considerable enhancement in the strength of the Russian army.

2. Russia has announced that there would be referendum to join Russia in Luhansk, Donetsk, Kherson, and Zaporizhzhia regions, from 23rd to 27th September 2022. These regions form 15% of Ukraine’s land. This has increased the tension among western powers.

What did President Putin say ?

Vladimir Putin, while addressing Russian citizens, said that the protection of motherland, sovereignty, and regional integrity was essential and therefore, he signed on the decision of the Russian army on partial mobilisation. Such a decision was necessary for the protection of Russian citizens.

He further said that Russia would use all her resources if her regional integrity was jeopardised. On the likely nuclear attack by the western powers, he said that Russia has adequate stock of weapons to fight the western aggression.

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