Cruel oppression of those who speak against the Chinese Government

(Retd) Brigadier Hemant Mahajan

India must expose China’s atrocities to the whole world The United Nations has released a report on the violation of human rights in China’s Xinjiang Province; it says that the Uyghur Muslims are being severely persecuted. The report was released on 31st August at a Conference in Geneva before the end of Michelle Bachelet’s 4-year term as the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights. China, on the other hand, has denied allegations of human rights violations in the Province. In the article here, (Retd) Brigadier Mahajan has exposed the horrifying reality of how the Chinese Government is not only harassing the Uyghur Muslims, but also the Tibetans and Mongolians.

The world should raise the issue of atrocities against the Chinese citizens with the United Nations Human Rights Commission. This will help reduce their abuse.

India should also raise this issue from time to time on various platforms of the United Nations. Only then can the human rights of the Chinese can be protected and supported. India needs to tighten its belt to bring the tyrannical face of cunning and powerful China in front of the world and destroy it.

1. 100-150 Tibetan youth, who are fed up of Chinese atrocities, commit self-immolation every year

A report of a Human Rights Organisation in Spain has stated that people who oppose the Government in China or the Chinese Communist Party are severely harassed and persecuted. They are subjected to various tortures such as electric shocks, imprisonment, no trials in the Courts. In reality, there is nothing surprising in this report because this has been true for long. For example, the population of Tibet is 50-60 lakh. Tibetans have no spiritual or religious freedom. They cannot write or speak what they want to, and are subjected to a great deal of torture. It is said that the world’s largest surveillance system has been installed in Tibet. Through this, movement of citizens are monitored and they are kept away from their religion and culture. Due to this problem, 100 to 150 Tibetan youth commit self-immolation every year.

 2. Denial of the freedom of religion and expression to the minorities in China

An estimated 20 million Uyghur Muslims live in China’s Xinjiang Province, which faces a very serious situation. It is said that more than 20-25 lakh Muslims in the Xinjiang Province have been imprisoned by China. These prisons have been given a flowery name – ‘Re-education Camps’ – by China. Those who follow Islam are subjected to severe crackdowns and sent to other parts of China to work as labourers.
China has a third province – Inner Mongolia. The Mongolians here cannot follow their religion, customs and traditions. Education in the Mongolian language has been discontinued. Instead, Mongolians are being taught Chinese, which is called ‘Han Chinese’. Similar harassment is also practiced in Hong Kong. People working or speaking against mainland China through social media are persecuted too.

3. Minorities are kept out of State governance in China

The Chinese nationals living abroad who speak against China are also arrested. They are then abducted and tortured. A large number of Han Chinese are being settled in Tibet, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, etc. to reduce the population of minorities living there. It is known that China’s Han Chinese are the main population comprising 90%, while the remaining 10% are minorities. This minority population is kept out of governance, and all Government Undertakings are in the hands of the Han Chinese. Not only this, natural resources such as oil, gas and minerals in areas where the minority lives are also controlled by the Government. Minorities are deprived of natural resources in their own areas.

4. China is spending more on internal security than on external security

It is said that the biggest enemy of the Chinese are the Communist Party of China and its current Supreme leader and President Xi Jinping. You may remember that a few years ago, the people of China had revolted against their Government. Thousands of Han Chinese were killed by the People’s Liberation Army and the Chinese Communist Party, when tanks were run over them. Similar atrocities are being committed on others. Even private establishments are not spared from this. In China, anyone who protests and tries to speak out is harassed in various ways.

Most importantly, China’s expenditure on internal security is more than three times than that on its external security. China does not fear India, the US, Japan and South Asian countries as much as it fears its own citizens. In contrast, India’s defence budget is four times more than the budget of its Ministry of Home Affairs, meaning, on its internal security. India has to spend more money to defend itself against China and Pakistan. India spends relatively less on controlling its domestic population.

5. China’s Supreme leader Xi Jinping is striving to make himself China’s President for life

China’s citizens are its own enemies. Not only this, during the Coronavirus infection, China had completely closed down its important cities. This greatly affected their financial condition. Worse still, the Chinese were barricaded in their own homes. (In India, only those places were closed where the Coronavirus infection was found.) In the near future, the 20th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party will be held. Xi Jinping wants to make himself China’s President for life. Therefore, those who rise against him in the coming period will be oppressed and tortured more.

– (Retd) Brigadier Hemant Mahajan, Pune.

India needs to tighten its belt to bring the tyrannical face of cunning China in front of the world and destroy it !