Country-made bomb hurled at BJP rally in Bengal : Two injured in the blast

Kolkata – Bombs were hurled at the BJP rally on 11th September at Sital Kuchi in Cooch Behar, Bengal. That generated chaos at the venue of the rally. 2 BJP workers got injured in the blast. This rally was held to protest against various scams of Trinamool Congress, expressed BJP District President Sukumar Roy. Not only country-made bombs were hurled at the rally but stone pelting too was done, said Roy. BJP alleged that Trinmool Congress workers had done that blast, but Trinmool Congress has denied it.

Enforcement Directorate (ED) has raided many residents and confiscated cash, and unnamed goods to a large extent. Film actor Aamir Khan’s name is also involved among renowned industrialists in these scams. Besides these, many high-profiled politicians in the State are also involved in the scam of employment of teachers, cattle, coal smuggling. (Nationalist citizens expect the Centre to take stringent action against such corrupt individuals. – Editor)

Editorial viewpoint

State of Trinamool Congress has become the factory of bombs. President Rule is inevitable when law and order in the State is paralysed.

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