Aftab alias ‘Pushpendra’ marries a Hindu girl trapping her in love !

  • A new Love Jihad incident in UP
  • Truth of he being a Muslim came into light after  she went to his home and saw Muharram being celebrated
  • The culprit Aftab fled away

Mirzapur (UP) – A new incident of love jihad has taken place in Mirzapur in UP. Aftab Ansari trapped a Hindu girl Pooja Singh in love claiming himself to be ‘Pushpendra’ and later married her. 3 years after the marriage, after the birth of her child, Pushpa came to know that Pushpendra is a Muslim. She filed a complaint against Aftab and his family.

1. Pooja is originally from Sonbhadra city in UP and Aftab used to work in a Medical shop in the neighbourhood of her house. He told his name as Pushpendra and Pooja was caught in his love trap. Then they got married. Aftab,  who is originally from Gadwa in Jharkhand, and Pooja started living in LalGanj in Mirzapur.

2. Pooja gave birth to a child after a while. Then, they both went to the hometown of Aftab in Jharkhand. That time seeing the Muharram celebrations in the house, she came to know that he is a Muslim. After that, a lot of conflicts started taking place between both of them. After some days, Aftab fled away.

3. Pooja went to the house of Aftab in Gadwa but she was beaten up by his family and thrown out of the house. Pooja went to the Gadwa Police for justice but they advised her to go to the UP Police station. (In the rule of the Hindu hater Jharkhand Mukti Morcha in Jharkhand, what else can we expect ? – Editor) After that, Pooja registered a complaint at the Mirzapur Police station.

Editorial Viewpoints

  • Now, against Love Jihad, not only strict law but strict action against the arrested Muslims is necessary ! Considering the increase in such incidents what’s wrong if someone demands the execution of the arrested religious fanatic Muslims as the conspiracy of Jihad now becomes a threat to the existence of Hindus !
  • The Hindu girls and women should be provided the education on Dharma and ‘Sadhana’ along with staying alert !

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