The confidential information of Indian Army provided to Jihadi terrorist organisation !

The Moulavi in a Mosque in Kashmir arrested !

Kishtawar (J&K) – A 22-year-old Moulavi in a Mosque in Kishtawar has been arrested for providing the confidential information of Indian Army to a Pakistani terrorist organisation.

Abdul Wahid is his name. He is said to be allegedly assisting a Pakistan-based terror outfit called Kashmiri Janbaz Force. The detective agency of the Army informed the Police on this soon after identifying Wahid as the culprit and the Police arrested him. Wahid has accepted his crime. Wahid is teacher in a Madarasa. (It is necessary to find out what he must have taught to the students. Due to such incidents, the patriots feel that the Madarasas in the country should be permanently closed ! – Editor) An important thing to be noted is that the Jihadi terrorists from Kishtawar migrate to Kashmir in a large number. Wahid revealed that in December 2020, he got in touch with one Tayyab Farooqi, alias “Umar Khatab”, on Facebook.  Later, he joined the Pakistani detective agency ISI and shared his contact details.

Editorial Viewpoints

  • It has to be noted that no Muslim organisations, political leader, religious priests are protesting against such Moulavis !
  • This problem in Kashmir is not limited to a piece of land. The main reason behind this is Jihad. Unless an action is not taken against Jihadis, the Jihadi terrorist activities in Kashmir will continue to increase.

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