The Mopla Massacre was a glorious chapter of India’s freedom struggle : Anti-Hindu statement by CPI(M) leader M.B. Rajesh

CPI(M) leader M.B. Rajesh

Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala) – According to the Speaker of the Kerala Legislative Assembly and CPI(M) leader M.B. Rajesh –  The Mopla Massacre in Malabar which took place in 1921 was a glorious chapter in India’s freedom struggle. He made this discriminatory statement in the Legislative Assembly on August 22. Not a single member of the Congress-led United Democratic Front dared to speak against his offensive statement. Also, this was not the first time that Rajesh has spoken about the Mopla Massacre. Last year a complaint was filed against Rajesh with the Delhi Police for insulting the revolutionary Bhagat Singh. He had insulted Bhagat Singh by comparing him to a jihadi named Varian Kunnathu Kunjahammad Haji. The Yuva Morcha leaders said that – Many believe that Haji led the 1921 massacre against the Hindus.

What is the Mopla Massacre all about ?

Currently, a false historic narrative is being paraded around which mentions that the Muslims revolted against the British in 1921. Whereas in reality the Muslims brutally massacred the Hindus.  In fact, more than 10,000 Hindus were killed and lakhs of Hindus fled as a result of this massacre.

Editorial viewpoint

The anti-Hindu speaker of the Kerala assembly is rubbing salt on the wounds of Hindus. But what else can we expect from the speaker of a State like Kerala where the communists are in power ?

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