Divine Children : A unique spiritual phenomenon unfolding in the current era

1. Introduction to Divine (Spiritually evolved) children

In the 1970s, Nancy Ann Tappe developed a concept of Indigo children, which referred to children who were believed to possess special, unusual, and sometimes supernatural traits or abilities. The concept of Indigo children later gained popular interest with the publication of a series of books in the late 1990s and the release of several films in the following decade. Since then a number of phrases have been coined to refer to such gifted children such as Crystal children, Rainbow children, Star children, Psychic children, etc.

Spiritual Science Research Foundation (SSRF) and the Maharshi Adhyatma Vishwavidyalay (MAV) too, over the years have observed such extraordinary children (from a purely spiritual viewpoint) who are being born in the current times and who have a higher spiritual calibre. They are more spiritually evolved from birth itself. We call them ‘Divine children’. These children are gifted with the sixth sense, telepathic ability or clairvoyance. Through advanced sixth sense, our spiritual research team found that they are born at a high spiritual level and come from the higher positive subtle regions of the Universe. We would like to take this opportunity to share spiritual research conducted on this spiritual phenomenon with the world, the importance of such children and the purpose of their birth in the current turbulent times. Here, we have provided primary information on them.

2. Who are Divine children ?

It is every parent’s dream to have a gifted child; a child who shows a natural and extraordinary talent in worldly disciplines such as learning languages, solving math problems with ease, superior scientific reasoning, learning complex music composition and other various arts. Parents are less likely to be pleased with a child who has a gift of a higher level of sixth sense and who makes statements such as, “I see dead people or ghosts”. Most parents do not know how to handle children who make such statements and are less equipped to deal with children who show an innate understanding of the spiritual dimension. It is also common knowledge that if a child shows extreme devotion for the Divine and wants to devote his or her entire life towards spiritual growth and serving God, their wishes would most likely be met with a lot of resistance from their parents.

What most people do not know is that gifted children, who have (for example) the ability to compose complex musical pieces at a young age, are most likely to be influenced by some entity in the spiritual dimension. The nature of the entity could be positive or negative. In fact, parents should remember that the spiritual dimension is more likely to have a higher impact on their child’s life than just the physical dimension and psychological thinking.

When we use the term ‘Divine children’, we do not use it to exclusively mean gifted children or children who show genius in a certain field. Divine children are mainly determined by their spiritual level. Apart from their obvious desire to seek the Divine due to their higher spiritual level, they may also show an affinity for a certain discipline and may well excel in it. Here, we examine from a spiritual perspective, the nature of Divine children and where they come from.

In an article on Life after Death and Life Before Birth, we had mentioned the subtle region of the Universe (Please see top right side) people go to after death. Contrary to popular belief, in current times less than 2% of people actually make it to the subtle region of Swarga (Heaven) after death and an even significantly less number of people go to the even higher positive regions of the Universe. Most people go to a region known as the Bhuvarlok. If their deeds on Earth are of an evil nature, they can go to one of the seven regions of Hell after death as a punishment.

Subtle bodies from the higher positive regions of the Universe (Maharlok and above) do not generally take rebirth on Earth. This is because in these higher planes of existence, one can settle their give-and-take account as per the destiny in that plane of existence itself. They do not have to be born on Earth to settle their destiny. Even subtle bodies from the subtle region of Heaven are reborn on Earth infrequently. The vast majority of people born on the Earth plane of existence come from the subtle region of the Bhuvarlok.

However, every now and again, spiritually evolved subtle bodies from the higher regions of the Universe choose to be born on Earth as per the need on Earth. These spiritually evolved subtle bodies when born on Earth are known as ‘Divine children’. In the last few decades we have seen an increase in activity of the birth of such Divine children who are at higher spiritual levels (i.e. above 50%). This means that at the time of their birth itself, they are above the spiritual level of 50% due to spiritual practice they have performed in previous lifetimes.

3. Why are Divine children being born ?

As we mentioned earlier, evolved subtle bodies from the higher subtle regions of the Universe can choose the time and place they should be born so as to fulfil some specific mission or spiritual need on the Earth plane. From the years 1999-2023, planet Earth has been going through a transition phase. Due to a major subtle battle taking place in the subtle planes of the Universe in this period, Earth too will be affected. There is also a heightened level of spiritual impurity in the environment all over the world. As part of a cleansing process and an internal rectification process during this period, we will undergo major upheavals including natural disasters and World War 3. After this, from the Year 2023, we will enter a positive phase in the world’s history, which will be known as the ‘Divine Rule’, and will be an era of spiritual revival. With approximately half the world’s population being wiped out, the world will understand that our current way of life and type of leadership have actually failed us and got us into this trouble. The Divine children being born in higher numbers today, will help smoothen this transition as they come of age and lead the world in the times to come to greater spiritual awareness in all aspects of life and governance. These children will help society grow spiritually in the future and create a world of stability.

4. Where and to whom are Divine children being born ?

Since such Divine children are spiritually evolved, they have relatively less give-and-take accounts with others. This means that their destiny and accumulated account is less. They take birth in families to nullify the remaining 20 to 30% of their give-and-take account, which is remaining with their future family members. We have found that typically such Divine children are more likely to be born to parents who are seekers themselves and who are regularly practicing Spirituality. This is God’s way of ensuring that Divine children have a spiritual upbringing and that they are allowed to pursue their spiritual goals. Accordingly, they are not confined to following the rat-race of modern science education that most children have to adhere to nowadays.

70% of such sattvik (Spiritually pure) children are and will be born in India. 30% are taking birth outside India. This is because of the spiritual purity of India, and that it is India which will lead the world spiritually during the establishment of the Divine Rule. Also, we found that since SSRF and MAV are tirelessly engaged in helping society progress spiritually, due to God’s grace we are very fortunate that many such sattvik children are taking birth in seekers’ families associated with these organisations.

(Read in detail on : www.spiritual.university/spiritual-research/divine-children/divine-spiritual-children/)

 As they come of age, the Divine children will help society grow spiritually in the future and create a world of stability !

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