585 people arrested under Blasphemy Law in 2021

  • Hindus’ sufferings in jihadi Pakistan !
  • Huge rise even in incidents of conversions and kidnapping of Hindu girls !

Islamabad (Pakistan) – The condition of minority Hindus in Pakistan is becoming serious day by day. While there is an increase in the incidents of conversion of Hindus, kidnapping, and murder, Blasphemy Law is being misused to oppress Hindus. In 2021, 585 people were arrested under the charges of alleged insult to Islam.

Just a few days ago, a Hindu named Ashok Kumar was arrested by the Police, accusing him of insulting Islam; before which, a mob of Muslims attacked his house. As per the Pakistan Human Rights Commission, Hindus, Christians, and people from the Ahmadiyya sect are mainly among the arrested 585 people. Three persons were even killed under the accusation of insulting Islam.

There is a rapid increase even in the incidents of kidnapping of Hindu girls and conversion. In the last few years, there is an increase in the incidents of forcing kidnapped Hindu girls to say in Court that they married Muslim boys out of love and later, their conversion.

Forceful conversion increased three times in Punjab province !

Incidents of forceful conversions of Hindus and Christians from the Punjab province have increased three times. In 2020, 13 incidents of conversion were brought to light while in 2021, there were 36 such incidents. The situation in Sindh province is also not much different from Punjab.

Editorial Viewpoints

  • Hindus Deities are denigrated every day in some way or the other in India and Muslims are mainly involved in them; therefore, India should also pass Blasphemy Law now, and teach a lesson to Pakistan by stringently punishing Muslims involved in such incidents !
  • Hindu Rashtra needs to be established in India first, to bring improvement in the condition of Hindus in Pakistan ! 

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