Indian and Chinese troops to attend the military drill together in Russia !

New Delhi – In the World Military Drill hosted by Russia, the Indian and Chinese troops will be seen together. Recently there has been tension between both the countries on the control line of east Ladakh. China has made an announcement to participate in the Vostok-2022 military drill. This military drill will be from 30th August to 5th September. Indian soldiers will also be participating in this drill. Along with India, Tajikistan, Mongolia, Belarus, etc are also going to participate.

China aims to improve its friendship and relationship with the countries participating in the military drill, said the Defence Ministry of China. India has not given any statement. The Defence Ministry of Russia has assured that the soldiers will take precautionary measures for security in the east.

(Credit : WION)

In the previous year, India had participated in the ‘Jeped 2021’ military drill hosted by Russia. In that drill, along with India and China, 17 other countries participated.