Hindu brothers attacked in Kashmir for participating in the Tiranga Yatra

Kashmir Freedom Fighters, a jihadi terrorist organisation, claims responsibility for the attack

Shopian (J&K) – Jihadi terrorists attacked Sunil Kumar Bhat and his brother with an AK-47 assault rifle on 16th August. Pintukumar Bhat is undergoing treatment in the hospital while Sunil Kumar died. It has been reported that the Kashmir Freedom Fighters (KFF) have claimed responsibility for the attack.

They said that they were attacked as they participated in Tiranga Yatra and appealed to others to participate. The terrorists asked Sunil Kumar’s name before attacking him.

Editorial viewpoint

Article 370 has been abrogated in Kashmir, and terrorists are being killed daily. Still, Hindu-hating jihadist terrorism has not came to end. For this to be ended, Pakistan and the jihadist mentality in Kashmir has to be ended.

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