A terrorist of the ‘Islamic State’, arrested in Azamgarh (Uttar Pradesh)

  • Obviously a conspiracy to create an emergency situation on Independence Day
  • Terrorist Sabauddin Azmi is an active member of ‘AIMIM’
(Right side) Terrorist Sabhauddin Azmi

Azamgarh (Uttar Pradesh) –  The ATS team has arrested terrorist Sabhauddin Azmi of the Jihadi terrorist organisation ‘Islamic State’ from Azamgarh. Sabhauddin Azmi was in direct contact with Abu Umer a recruiter of the ‘Islamic State’. This has been confirmed in the ATS’ investigation. Through him, he got into contact with Abu Bakar Al Shami and took training in making hand grenades, bombs, etc. Sabhuddin had created a Facebook account to target the RSS. He was conspiring to carry out terrorist attacks on Independence day.

Sabhuddin Azmi was indoctrinating the Muslim youth through Telegram’s social media ‘Al- Sakar- media’. He was an active member of the MP Assaduddin Owasi’s ‘AIMIM’. 5 years ago he had gone to Mumbai. He had planned to create an organisation like the Islamic State in India. He had learned how to make explosives.

The anti-terrorist team has taken into custody 3 terrorists. Sabhauddin, Abu Humaid, and Ayaan. More investigations are ongoing in this matter. This news has been published in ‘Amar Ujala’.

Editorial viewpoints

  • The Government should try to give stringent punishment to such terrorists who are attacking the country.
  • If the arrested terrorist is an active member of ‘AIMIM’, then action should be taken to ban the party.