Developing nations should think twice before taking loan from China : Mustafa Kamal, Minister of Finance, Bangladesh

Developing nations to be wary of Chinese loans

(Left side) Mustafa Kamal, Minister of Finance, Bangladesh and Chinese President Xi Jinping (Image credit : Republic World)

Dhaka (Bangladesh) – It is essential for any developing nation to think twice before taking a loan from China because some nations are in trouble for taking loans from China, stated Mustafa Kamal, Minister of Finance, Bangladesh in an interview with a periodical. He was referring to the loan in connection to the famous scheme of China ‘Belt and Road Initiative’. Bangladesh has been associated with the scheme and had taken a loan of 400 crores from China.

(Credit : WION)

Finance Minister Kamal said further that a thorough study of any scheme is essential before taking a loan. Looking at the state of the world today, anybody would think twice before associating with this scheme. Everyone is blaming China and China too cannot deny that.

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