Religious fanatics pelt stones on Kavad pilgrims in a village in Bareilly, UP

Bareilly (Uttar Pradesh) – On the 29th of July dirty water was thrown and stones were pelted on the Kavad pilgrims in Pargamba village just to block their passage. This incident took place when Rajendra, the head of Lakhaura village, which is just adjacent to Pargamba village, along with some Kavad pilgrims, was going on a tractor to fetch water from the River Ganga. When they were traveling suddenly dirty water and stones were thrown on them from the roofs of some houses by Muslim women. (Please note that even religious fanatic women come forward to attack Hindus! – Editor) Ishtiaq, the father-in-law of the village head Shakina and his accomplices have been named as the accused in this incident. The Police have arrested 6 people in this case. A large number of Police personnel have also been deployed in this area after this incident.

Editorial Viewpoints

  • This is a shameful incident for the Police and the administration as they are unable to stop the repeated attacks on the Kavad Yatra ! Hindus should unite and organise themselves in order to prevent such attacks !
  • The progressives (actually regressive), Congress which would move heaven and earth if any other religion had faced any obstacle in their pilgrimages, now does not utter a single word on the attacks on Hindu pilgrims !