Importance of the Guru and the qualities required in the Disciple

Invaluable Texts published by Sanatan Sanstha on the Guru and the Disciple

Importance of the Guru

Once the importance of the Guru is understood, the emancipation from man to God does not take time; because, the Guru is the sagun (Materialised) form of God and the one who has been accepted by the Guru gets accepted by the Deities too and emancipation of the individual takes place automatically. This Text written by Paratpar Guru (Dr) Athavale gives the benevolent message that the real goal of human life should be to follow the emancipating Path of the Guru’s grace.

Types of Guru and Gurumantra

Importance of the Guru is exceptional in the life of the disciple, because he cannot realise God without the Guru. What is the difference between a Guru, a Sadguru and a Paratpar Guru ? How to recognise a fake Guru ? What are the attributes of a true Guru ? What are the misconceptions about the Gurumantra ? Which is the true Gurumantra ? etc. Such issues have been dealt with in this Text.

The Disciple

Disciple is one who performs spiritual practice as explained and expected by the Guru. Why should we not go in search for a Guru, why should we not test the Guru, why should we not consider oneself as someone’s disciple, what should we do for the Guru to come into our life, have been dealt with in this Text.

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