Paratpar Guru (Dr) Athavale taught various aspects of infinite Spirituality to seekers !

Various aspects of Spirituality such as ‘Who is a Guru, Sadguru and Paratpar Guru ?’, ‘Who are Saints-Mahants, Mathadhipatis, Acharyas, Upasaks, Maharajs in the society ?’, ‘How to identify them ?’, ‘What is swechha (One’s own wish), parechha (Other’s wish) and Ishwarechha (God’s wish) ?’, ‘Subtle is important than the gross and the subtle world is far greater than the gross world’, etc. have been taught by Paratpar Guru (Dr) Athavale to seekers.

He also easily imprinted on the minds of seekers that everything is done by God. This is how seekers are able to constantly experience that God Himself is doing everything. Despite teaching numerous such things, Paratpar Guru (Dr) Athavale says, ‘God got all this done through me’. Sanatan’s seekers are very fortunate to be blessed with the protective shelter of such a Guru ! – Mr Vinayak Shanbhag

Who to accept as a Guru ?

Each of us should be the disciple of the Guru in the nirgun (Non-materialised) state. Do not simply follow some philosophy. Only when you are able to identify the nirgun will you be able to identify the sagun as well as be able to identify other disciples. (Disciple of the nirgun Guru means the disciple of a Paratpar Guru who is constantly getting the spiritual experience of the nirgun.) – Saint Bhaktaraj Maharaj

That animals and birds get easily attracted to Sadgurus is an indication of their intrinsic Chaitanya (Divine consciousness)

We have read that in the earlier times, animals and birds would dwell in the Ashrams of Sages and Ascetics fearlessly. The sattvikata (Spiritual purity) obtained by the Sages and Ascetics through penance is perceived by the animals and birds too. Even Nature would respond to this sattvikata and bloom in the Ashrams of the Sages and Ascetics. Similar to that seen in the Ashrams of Sages and Ascetics during Satya, Treta and Dwapar Yugas, is visible in Kaliyug with respect to Sanatan’s Ashrams as well as Sadgurus, Saints and seekers.

Here, we will learn briefly about the fearless environment experienced by animals and birds in the company of Sadgurus. Sanatan’s Saints are in Sahajavastha (State of communion with God). Despite attaining Sainthood, they are always in a state of learning. Besides, their names are not something like Chaitanyananda or Swami; hence, people in society do not realise easily that they are Saints. Though common people who are attached to external factors such as clothes, ornaments, and so on do not realise their Saintliness, but sattvik animals and birds do. They even respond to the Saintliness. We realise this from the examples mentioned here.

A sattvik peacock and Sadguru Satyavan Kadam

When a peacock comes to the Mulki Ashram (in Karnataka), it waits if seekers are not there and leaves only when they feed it. Initially, its feed had to be kept at some distance. Now, it eats from Sadguru Satyavan Kadam’s hands and roams about fearlessly.

The sattvik kitten that benefits from Sadguru (Ms) Swati Khadaye’s satsang

Sadguru (Ms) Swati Khadaye

A kitten brought by Sadguru Swati Khadaye used to fall ill. She sprinkled some camphor on it and said, “Don’t fall ill now !” After this the kitten has never fallen ill. It sits quietly when the Arati is going on, when seekers are chanting or when satsang is going on. During Her satsang, it comes and sits near Her feet.

The puppy that becomes blissful in the company of Sadguru Nandkumar Jadhav

Whenever Sadguru Nandkumar Jadhav would return to the Jalgaon Sevakendra, the puppy, Heera, would become very happy, jump around and rush to Him. I realised that the puppy too would perceive His sattvikata. At times when Heera would be stubborn, it would quieten when Sadguru Jadhav spoke.

The squirrel resting fearlessly on Sadguru Nilesh Singbal’s hand

Normally, squirrels are very fickle in nature. Once a squirrel came into Sanatan’s Varanasi Ashram. When Sadguru Nilesh Singbal moved His fingers on this squirrel’s back to caress it, it sat quietly and calmly. Seeing the way the squirrel was sitting on Sadguru Nilesh Singbal’s hand, it was clear that it felt fearless.

Paratpar Guru (Dr) Athavale transformed ordinary mortals like us into seekers, Saints, Sadgurus and Paratpar Gurus !

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