Four fanatical Muslims gang rape a 12-year-old Hindu girl in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh

Bareilly (Uttar Pradesh) –  A young 12-year-old Hindu Student was kidnapped by 4 fanatical Muslim youth when she was returning from her school in Bitharichainpur, Bareilly (Uttar Pradesh).  They kept her a hostage for the entire night and gang raped her. The next day the accused dumped her near the Shahadana Mazar and fled the scene. The above information was given to the Police by the victim.

On the 15th of July, Friday the girl had gone to school in the morning but had not returned home in the afternoon. Then the parents realised that she had never reached her school. But despite their best efforts, the parents could not locate the girl, hence they filed a missing report with the Police. The next morning however the girl reached her home with the help of passers-by and then she narrated the entire incident to her family. On hearing this, the family immediately filed a complaint with the Police.

Police have currently arrested two of the accused fanatics Uwais and Nadeem. Police are still on the lookout for the other two accused. The above information was been given by the deputy Superintendent of Police Satyarth Anirudh.  On hearing about this inhumane act committed by these fanatics, Hindu Gorakshak Dal President Himanshu Patel demanded strict action against the accused.

Editorial viewpoint

It would not be surprising if someone asks for strict punishment for these religious fanatics according to the Shariat law !