A big conspiracy being hatched to defame Hindus all over the world

Report of Rutgers University researchers of America

New Delhi – The researchers of Rutgers University in America have said in their report that a big conspiracy is being hatched to defame Hindus all over the world by spreading fake information against Hindu Dharma. There has been a significant increase in anti-Hindu propaganda through social media.

Points presented in the report

In the past few years, the use of abusive words against the Hindu community has increased, but it has gone unnoticed. There has been a huge increase in recent times, especially in July.

Researchers found that misinformation about Hindus is being spread through Government agencies in countries including Iran, which is anti-Hindu. According to a Twitter analysis, Iranians have run a campaign to allege that minorities in India are being massacred.

Editorial Viewpoints

  • Why the researchers of India are not aware of what the researchers of foreign universities know ?
  • The tradition of defaming Hindus is very old. This kind of thing does not stop because Hindus do not take organised action against it, it is shameful for Hindus.
  • Audrey Truschke, a Hindu-phobic professor at Rutgers University, is constantly yelling against Hindus and is leading an anti-Hindu campaign in America. Therefore, these researchers must condemn her.

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