Bihar : Islamists attack Lakshmi Narayan Temple, hoist Islamic flag

Araria (Bihar) – A group of unidentified persons attacked the Lakshmi Narayan Temple here and vandalized the Temple Idol. The group who attacked the temple and damaged the Idol also hoisted the Islamic flag inside the temple.

According to reports, the incident happened in a village in the Rampur Kodarkatti Panchayat area where the miscreants attacked and dismantled the Hindu religious symbol and saffron flag placed inside the temple. They also vandalized the Idol of ‘Sheshnag’ and hoisted the Islamic flag which was later taken down.

The incident came to light when residents of Rampur Kodarkatti Panchayat visited the temple and spotted the Islamic flag atop the Lakshmi Narayan Temple. They were further shocked to see the vandalized Idol of ‘Sheshnag’. The Police were immediately informed. Reports mention that SDO Shailesh Chandra Diwakar, SDPO Pushkar Kumar, City SHO Shiv Sharan Sah reached the spot, investigated the matter and registered a case against unidentified persons.

The Chief Representative of the Panchayat, Rajesh Kumar Singh, said that people were shocked to see the damaged temple premises. He stated that the attackers had malicious intent behind damaging the Hindu religious symbol and the temple Idol.

Sub-Divisional Police Officer, Puskar Kumar, confirmed that an FIR has been registered. Rajesh Kumar Singh meanwhile held an official meeting with the villagers and Panchayat representatives and assured the people that strict action would be taken against the miscreants who are involved in the attack.

Taking the cognizance of the incident, local BJP MP Pradeep Kumar Singh also expressed outrage and gave a 24-hour ultimatum to the administration for bringing the culprits to justice. So far the Police have registered the case and have assured to identify and arrest the miscreants. The Police force has also been deployed in the area to maintain peace in the village.

Editorial Viewpoint

  • Fanatical elements carry out such attacks brazenly all over the country, knowing well that they will get away with it ! It is imperative to establish the Hindu Rashtra to prevent this !
  • Fanatical elements attack Hindus brazenly all over the country, knowing fully well that they will get away with it !