Terrorists kill Bank manager Vijay Kumar, in Kashmir

(Left side) Bank manager Vijay Kumar 

Kulgam (J&K) – Jihadi terrorists once again targeted Hindus here. The terrorists broke into the bank and shot the bank manager Vijay Kumar. Kumar is a native of Rajasthan. Rajni Bala, a Kashmiri Hindu female teacher, was killed in Kulgam 3 days ago. In May, jihadi terrorists killed 10 civilians, while 27 terrorists were killed. So far, 97 terrorists have been killed in J&K this year.

Three soldiers were injured in a blast at Shopian

Three soldiers were injured in a car bomb blast in Shopian, J&K.

Whether a bomb was planted in the vehicle or the explosion was caused by a faulty battery, is to be investigated, the Police said.

Editorial Viewpoint

  • Looking at the frequency of the targeted killings of Hindus by terrorists, it is clear that they have declared a direct war against Hindus and the Government. Will the Government crush terrorism now, or will it continue as it is ?
  •  While jihadi terrorists are killing Hindus every day in Kashmir, please note that no political party, progressive, Communists, etc. will protest against it.
  •  Hindus are still insecure in Kashmir, hence, Hindu Rashtra is inevitable.

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