Traditional Bihu dance misused by Christian missionaries to convert Hindus in Assam

Gauhati (Assam) – Activities by Christian missionaries to promote Christianity have increased in the State, targeting economically backward Nepalis and tribal Hindus working in tea gardens. The Christian missionaries are trying to mislead the locals using the traditional Bihu dance. The Bihu dance performed by young men and women is a tradition of the original Assamese culture. Christian missionaries have distorted the Bihu music and songs to promote Jesus through the Bihu songs. Christian missionaries are trying to attract locals by glorifying Jesus in Bihu songs.

 Attempt to convert Hindus by emphasising the importance of Jesus

The Bihu Festival was organised by the Nepali Baptist Christian Association in Udalguri District. Though the Christian Association uses traditional Assamese musical instruments and plays cultural music, the language and lyrics have been changed to praise and promote Jesus, which is against Bihu. The locals were concerned and protested against it. Despite the protests by devout Hindu activists, commercially made Bihu songs praising Jesus are shared on social media like YouTube.

Conversion continues despite protests by devout Hindu activists

In the Sonapur area, Christian missionaries lure Hindus to Christianity by distributing a large sum of money. People who refuse to take money are tempted by providing free education for children. The number of churches in the area has increased tremendously in the last 30 years. Although some devout Hindu organisations have raised their voice against the deceitful conversion of poor tribal Hindus, Christian missionaries are still converting Hindus in this area. (This is not expected in a BJP-ruled State. – Editor)

Editorial Viewpoints

  • Christians conspire to use Hindu culture and traditions to convert Hindus. To control such activities, it is necessary to implement strict anti-conversion laws across India. Even strict action needs to be taken against Christian missionaries.
  • Although Himanta Biswa Sarma, a devout Hindu, is in power in Assam, Christian missionaries have no fear. From this, it is clear that national and international forces are backing them. If strict action is taken against them, their anti-Hindu activities will stop.

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