ASI to reopen the closed ancient Hindu temples for worship !

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New Delhi – The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) is likely to approve the reopening of closed religious places of worship that come under its ambit. The law may also be amended to allow worship in these ancient temples. The Central Government may introduce a bill to amend the law in the coming winter session.

1,000 temples under the control of Archaeological Survey of India !

At present, about 3,800 heritage sites in the country are under the protection of the ASI. It includes more than 1,000 temples. Out of which, currently, worship is performed only at Shri Padmanabhaswamy Temple in Kerala and Jageshwar Dham in Uttarakhand. Other temples are closed. It is forbidden to worship there. Of these, there are several temples in Jammu and Kashmir, such as the Martand Temple, in which only ruins are there. Recently, the Archaeological Department had written a letter to the local administration objecting to the worship of Jammu and Kashmir Deputy Governor Manoj Sinha at the Martand Temple.

Temples will be maintained if worship is allowed !

A senior official of the Ministry of Culture said that as the condition of the temples is deteriorating, people are also barred from entering. The ASI has preserved these temples, but it does not have enough staff to take care of them. Many of these temples are cleaned once a year, but the rest of the time they remain locked. By allowing worship and other religious activities, not only these places will be maintained, but the participation of local people in their protection will also increase.

Worship may be allowed immediately at places where the Idol and the site are in good condition !

Another senior official of the Ministry of Culture said that the situation of temples closed under the protection of the ASI is different. In many temples the Idols are broken, and, in many places, there are no Iqdols at all. There are many such temples on the forts of Hindu kings. At the same time, in many places, only the ruin of the temple exists. All such temples are being classified. In temples where Idols are in good condition and structural condition is good, worship may be allowed immediately.

Editorial Viewpoint

Not only temples belonging to Hindus, but also Islamic structures built by Muslim invaders after demolishing the temples, should be given to Hindus. Hindus expect that the Central Government should order the Archaeological Department for this !


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