A question paper compares Hindutva with Nazi in Sharada University at Noida,  Uttar Pradesh

Noida (UP) – Hindutva and ‘Fascist’(Dictatorship) thinking were compared at Sharada University in Noida. The students were asked in a question paper to compare Fascist and Hindutva, tweeted BJP leader Vikas Pritam Sinha.

Sinha claimed that this paper was set by a Muslim teacher. He said that this question was from the paper for the 2021 -22 exam in ‘Political Science’ for the Arts Branch. The 5th question in this paper was, ‘what is the main reason for conversion ?’, while the 6th question was, ‘what similarity do you see between Nazism, Fascist, and Hindutva ?’ (Some Hinduphobic individuals from the field of education are deriding Hindutva and trying to make the young generation of India anti-Hindu. This is an example of this fact – Editor)

Many individuals have tweeted their opposition to this question paper after it came on the social media, while some demanded the closure of ‘Sharada University’. Till now, the University Administration has not commented on this. When the newspaper reporters tried to contact the administration, they did not get any response.

Editorial viewpoint

Hindus want that the State’s BJP Government should make a note of this, question the University and take action against them.




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