If Muslims get incited, there will be Mahabharat in the country

Congress leader Maulana Tauqeer Raza Khan threatens PM Modi

Congress leader Maulana Taukir Raza Khan

Bareilly (UP) – The situation in the country is not good at present. During our Azaan, Hanuman Chalisa is chanted. You, the PM of the country, remain calm when such things are happening. If it is not stopped Muslims in the country will take to the streets. There will be a Mahabharat in the country, Congress leader Maulana Taukir Raza Khan, President of Ittihad-e-Millat Council threatened PM Narendra Modi.

(Credit : Republic World)

Khan gave the threat against the backdrop of the anti-encroachment drive of Jahangirpuri, Delhi.

  • Editorial Comments
  • Are the secularists not able to see this kind of warning given by Muslim leaders ? If Hindu saints say something like this, secularists file a case against them and force the Police to take action.
  • Raza hinting that there are thousands of descendants of Muhammad Ali Jinnah in India is a warning bell for India. Such religious fanatics should be dealt with immediately before they do anything.

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