Refugee religious fanatics resorted to violence after Quran set on fire in Sweden

  • Many Policemen injured
  • Police vehicles torched
Violence by refugee religious fanatics in Sweden

Stockholm (Sweden) – Violence erupted as the anti-Islam activists of ‘Stram Kurs’ from Denmark and the refugee religious fanatics in many cities of Sweden clashed after the ‘Stram Kurs’ party burnt copies of the Quran. Many vehicles were torched and stones were pelted. Few Policemen also got injured. The fanatics raised slogans of Allah-o-Akbar. Violence also erupted in Norrköping & Rinkeby, Stockholm, Orebro, etc.

1. Police vehicles were burnt at Orebro. Four Policemen and a citizen were injured. The religious fanatics stole even a Police vehicle.

2. Sweden’s Prime Minister Magdelena Andersson said that he condemned the violence. Many Policemen have been injured in the violence.

3. Denmark’s ‘Stram Kurs’ Party’s President Rasmus Paludan had declared that Quran would be burnt in an area of Linkoping in Sweden where Muslims are in majority. Accordingly, Quran was burnt there and Police had granted them permission for the same. After this incident of arson, more than 200 religious fanatics came together and opposed it.

(Credit : Hindustan Times)

Riots were staged even in 2020 in Sweden after burning Quran !

In August 2020, ‘Stram Kurs’ had burnt Quran in Malmo city of Sweden leading to an eruption of riots. Police had arrested Rasmus Paludan for entering Sweden; therefore, his enraged supporters had burnt Quran.

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