A drive undertaken against installation of Idols sculpted by Muslims : Karnataka


Mandya (Karnataka) – A drive led by Sri Cheluvanarayana Swamy Temple priest Srinivas has been undertaken here against the installation of Idols sculpted by Muslims.

Srinivas said that Muslims sculpting Hindu Deities’ Idols was not proper. It is not even accepted by or permitted in Hindus’ spiritual science. The Idol has to be sculpted by the Vishwakarma community as per the Dharma principles; therefore, Idols sculpted by Muslims should not be installed. A drive will be undertaken for this purpose by visiting all temples in the State.

Muslims don’t sculpt Idols as per the science – Siddhalinga Swamiji, Sri Ram Sena’s Regional President

Sri Ram Sena’s Regional President Siddhalinga Swamiji has said that Idols sculpted by Muslims are not appropriate for worship. He said that Muslims didn’t sculpt Idols as per the science; therefore, such Idols should not be consecrated.  He said that he was not aware of Muslims sculpting Idols.

Temple’s diwat should be named Sandhyarati instead of salaam – Demand by residents

The diwati of Sri Cheluvanarayana Swamy Temple is known as salaam and Aarti is called salaamarati. Memorandum was submitted by Jilla Dharmik Parishad to change the word salaam. It was also instructed to go through the memorandum and give an opinion on the same. The residents have demanded the replacement of the word salaamarati with sandhyarati.

Drive undertaken at Gangavati (Karnataka) named Let us move towards Hindu shops !

A drive has been taken through social media at Gangavati in Koppal District which has been named Let us move towards Hindu shops gives a message to buy all necessary things from Hindus.

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