A case of sexual harassment of students in a Catholic Church-run school in Canada

Pope Francis apologises

Editorial comments

  • Just apologising is of no use, the people responsible should be exposed to the world. Those who are still alive should be punished. Such incidents should not repeat. The Vatican Church should tell what it is doing to prevent such incidents.
  • Over the past several decades, hundreds of sexual abuse incidents of children, women and nuns by church pastors have been reported worldwide. The former Pope had apologised for it and the victims were also paid compensation. However, such incidents have not stopped yet. The Vatican should now allow the Police to take action and punish the accused severely.
Pope Francis

Vatican City – Pope Francis has apologised to the Indigenous people of Canada for the sexual abuse of minors in a school dormitory run by the Catholic Church in Canada.

Credit : CBC News: The National

I am ashamed and outraged at what Catholic leaders had to endure, he said at a meeting with local Canadian leaders and other delegates. He also said he would be going to Canada soon. Local leaders of Canada want the Pope to come to Canada to apologise. In its 2015 report, a Canadian commission said that decades ago, indigenous school children were sexually abused and starved in residential schools in Canada. Many children died due to it and were buried on the school premises.

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