Much of Nagaland people’s prosperity due to Churches : The Vatican

  • Churches flourishing in the State, claims envoy
  • Bolstered and praised how churches have provided scholarships to the needy
Editorial comment

Historically speaking, it is always the objective of mass Hindu conversion behind the so-called social services that Christians have offered to society. Back in 2015, Pope Francis himself had tweeted on similar lines. Thus, it is expected that Government should probe into such claimed ‘prosperity’ and unmask the truth.

Archbishop Leopoldo Girelli

Kohima (Nagaland) – Ambassador to the Vatican City and Political representative of Pope Francis for the India and Nepal region, Archbishop Leopoldo Girelli paid a 4-day visit to Nagaland. According to an article published on 27th March by a popular North East Indian website, ‘’, it is said that while addressing a church programme , Archbishop praised the efforts put by local churches in providing partial and full scholarships to the poor and needy. He also commended the expansionism of the church in the State and that much of Nagaland’s prosperity is owed to it.

Around 62,000 people have already accepted Christianity in Nagaland – Bishop Dr James Thoppil

Editorial comment

Considering the situation in North East India, it can be figured out, how of utmost importance it is to introduce an anti-conversion Bill. Hindus expect the Central Government to act on it.

Bishop of Kohima, Dr James Thoppil

During the occasion, Bishop of Kohima, Dr James Thoppil said, around 70 years ago there was not a single catholic in the State. Currently, amongst the Naga tribe about 62,000 have accepted Christianity, these include 200 nuns and 60 priests. He added Church has a significant influence over educational institutions and medical facilities. President of the Catholic Association of Nagaland, Johnny Ruangmei said Catholic Christians are the second largest population in the State.

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