Businessman trying to bring peace between Russia and Ukraine reportedly poisoned

Roman Abramovich

Moscow (Russia) – According to the reports, Roman Abramovich, Chelsea football Club owner was allegedly poisoned while trying to become a peace envoy between Russia and Ukraine. The Wall Street Journal reported, Roman Abramovich suffered symptoms of suspected poisoning after a meeting in Kyiv that included red eyes, peeling of skin on his face and hands. Currently, he is in good health and out of danger. However, in the report, it was not mentioned if he was poisoned.

I will trash them : Putin threatens Ukraine

Russian President Putin and Ukrainian President Zelenskyy

Roman Abramovich presented a handwritten note from Ukrainian President Zelenskyy to Putin, which had Ukraine’s conditions for ending the war. Putin reportedly said, “Tell him I will thrash them”. Ukraine had requested Roman Abramovich to help in the negotiations to bring an end to the war. The request was accepted by Abramovich and Russia too had given its permission.  Abramovich has been shuffling between Istanbul, Moscow, and Kyiv to pass on messages from one President to the other.