Bodies are being buried in gardens, grounds, and courtyards in Mariupol Ukraine

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Kyiv (Ukraine) – Many cities in Ukraine have been destroyed by the Russian invasion. Bodies are being buried in parks, playgrounds, and courtyards in the Ukrainian city of Mariupol as it has become difficult to transport them to the cemetery. People living in other countries are unable to get information about their relatives in Ukraine because of the Russian invasion that destroyed communications. A list of workers who have died in Ukraine, as well as those who have left the country, is being posted on social media. Relatives of many of the deceased have to get information about their relatives from the photographs on the graves. Olena McKay, a refugee in Poland, heard the news of her brother’s death on social media.

Most people in Mariupol want to get out. However, they can’t get out without assistance, as there is no driver available to drive. The Migration Agency had appealed for 100 drivers, but only 30 were provided.

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