200 religious fanatics attack Hindus who complained to Police over abduction of a Hindu girl by a religious fanatic

  • Kanpur ‘love-jihad’ case
  • Stones were also hurled at the Police
Editorial comment

Although a law has been enacted in the State against love-jihad, it does not bother the religious fanatics. For this, the law should have provisions for more severe punishments !

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Kanpur (UP) – Clashes erupted between the two communities after a religious fanatic from Juhi Colony in Kanpur, lured a Hindu girl into a love trap and eloped with her. Police have arrested Arbaaz, Shadab, and Alam in the case. The incident took place on the night of 26th March. Police have registered a case against 14 persons on the complaint of Vishal Bajrangi, District co-convener of Bajrang Dal. Vishal, Akash Shukla, Saurabh, and Sanskar Sharma were injured in the clash. These youths demanded protection as they are being constantly threatened by religious fanatics.

Hindus allege that no action was taken against religious fanatics by the Police

The family members of the girl staged a protest outside Police Staton and alleged that the Police did not take any action against the fanatic man. (Such ignorance is not expected from the Police regarding atrocities against Hindus in BJP-ruled Uttar Pradesh ! – Editor) While they were returning home from the Police Station, a mob of about 200 religious fanatics attacked them. After this, the workers of Bajrang Dal reached the spot and attempted to counter the fanatics. At that time, when the Police came to stop them, they were also pushed. The Police were attacked with bricks and stones. Police then used force to bring the situation under control. Police are searching for the fanatic man and Hindu girl. Currently, a large number of Policemen are deployed there.

Juhi Colony is infamous for love-jihad !

This is not the first case of love-jihad that has come to light from ‘Juhi Colony’. In 2020, when the SIT investigated the cases of ‘love-jihad’ for the last 2 years, it was found that 4 religious fanatics in the Juhi area, who carried out such incidents, were related to each other. These four used to talk to each other on the phone. They targeted Hindu girls, mostly minors. A case was registered against these four, for luring a 14-year-old girl and a 19-year-old.