If judges get killed for giving the hijab case verdict, they themselves will be responsible for it

  • Dispensation by a worker of the Islamist organisation named Tamil Nadu Thowheed Jamath (TMTJ)
  • No Suo moto action yet, by the Police
Editorial comments

  • Under DMK Government, there is a very slim chance of action against religious fanatics.
  • In 1990, a Hindu Judge was killed in Kashmir because his Court’s decision was unacceptable to the Jihadis. The Centre should ensure that history is not repeated.
(From left) Covai R. Rahmatullah

Chennai –  Thowheed Jamath (TMTJ) leader Covai R. Rahmatullah announced, ‘If Judges get killed over the hijab case verdict, then, they will themselves be responsible for their death. The Judiciary has sold itself to the BJP and the Court’s decision is invalid and illegal. The Court pronounced the verdict on the behest of Amit Shah. Judges should be ashamed of themselves for their ‘biased’ judgment. He claimed that Court verdicts must be based on the Constitution and not on the personal beliefs of the Judges’. He was speaking at a program organised by ‘Thowheed Jamath’ in Madurai (Tamil Nadu). This dispensation has been broadcasted on a Twitter handle named ‘Indu Makkal Katchi’. Indu Makkal has drawn attention to this dispensation and asked the Police, whether the Police will quietly watch drama pan out or are they going to take any action ?

If you attack Muslims, we will meet you on the battlefield

In this video, Rahmatullah says that while sadhus could roam naked in India, Muslim girls were being prevented from wearing modest clothing like the hijab. He threatened, ‘If you attack the Muslims, we will meet on the battlefield.’

Don’t test our patience, else you will be wiped out

Rahmatullah further added and threatened ‘We are not afraid of Modi, Yogi and Amit Shah. We are only afraid of Allah. Don’t make us lose patience. If we lose patience, then, you won’t exist’.