Assault on Gou-Rakshaks by a group of religious fanatics in Mathura (UP)

Gou-Rakshak alleged that the Police arrived late at the spot

Editorial comments

  • Hindus do not expect such incidents to occur when there is a BJP Government in Uttar Pradesh and with a ban of cow slaughter law in place. Despite that cow slaughter takes place and Police fail to stop such acts. The Government should take serious note of such incidents and take strict action against the culprits !
  • The Police arrive late at the crime scene despite receiving a tip-off suggesting that the Police have joined hands with the criminals. The Government should sack such Police and put them behind bars !

Mathura (UP) – When the gou-rakshaks got information about cows were being slaughtered in a house at Kasaipada in Govindnagar, they reached there. An argument took place between the religious fanatic butcher and the gou-rakshak. Later a group of religious fanatics started pelting stones at the gou-rakshaks. Some gou-rakshaks were injured and 4 others were held up by religious fanatics. They were later released by the Police. The incident was broadcast live on Facebook by Devraj Pandit. The incident took place on 6th March and a case has been registered with the Police in this regard. The main accused is Rohit alias Babulal, but he is a Muslim and not a Hindu.

Cow slaughter takes place as Police arrive late at a crime scene ! Claims gou-rakshak

Gou-rakshak Ravikant Sharma said this is the third incident of cow slaughtering in the last month. Sharma alleged that after informing the Police about the cow slaughter, they reach the spot in 45 minutes. In reality, Police have promised to arrive in 10 minutes, however, cow slaughter already takes place by the time the Police arrive.