In Shivamogga (Karnataka) a Hindu beaten up by religious fanatics despite Section 144 being imposed in the city

Two religious fanatics arrested

Editorial comment

Hindus wonder, how can these religious fanatics dare to do this when there is a BJP Government in Karnataka !

Shivamogga (Karnataka) – Salman and Sayyad two of the 4 religious fanatics who attacked a person named Vyankatesh near Padma Cinema in Gopal Colony. There was tension in this area even though Section 144 is imposed, these religious fanatics attacked the man. Shivamogga was smouldering after the murder of Bajrang Dal activist Harsha on the 20th February.

The Government had imposed Section 144 from 20th February to 4th March. There was strict Police patrolling in the District. And still, in the night of 4th March this attack took place. There was an argument about some petty matter between Vyankatesh and the religious fanatics. After which they attacked Vyankatesh. The injured Vyankatesh was admitted to a hospital. On getting this news, MLA Raghavendra visited Vyankatesh in the hospital and inquired about his wellbeing.

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