Islamic State militant group leader Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Qurayshi killed in US special operations

Editorial comment

Government should realise that with such incidents, Indians wonder – Why India does not infiltrate Pakistan and kill the leaders of jihadi terrorist organisations carrying out terrorist activities in India ? 

Washington (US) – US President Joe Biden has tweeted that Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Qurayshi, a key member of the jihadi terrorist organisation, has been killed in Syria. As per the reports, at least 13 people, including six children, were killed in the operation. US troops carried out this operation in the city of Atmeh, near the Turkish border. Troops targeted a building in the city, where thousands of civilians lived after the war.

Biden said, he decided to blow himself up inside the building as soon as he realised that our Army had arrived on the night of 3rd February to capture the terrorist. Qurayshi did not care about his own family members’ lives or other lives and they all were killed in the blast with him.

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