Do not travel to Russia : The US warns its citizens

A possibility of war between Russia and Ukraine

Editorial comment

Does India ever try to protect its citizens by giving such advice ?

Washington (USA) – US has issued an advisory to its citizens not to travel to Russia due to the ongoing tension between Russia and Ukraine. US citizens may have to face possible harassment there and it will be difficult to send timely help. The families of the US Ambassadors in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv have also been asked to leave the country immediately. The possibility of a war between Russia and Ukraine has increased. Russia has deployed more than 1,00,000 troops along the Ukraine border. Along with the Army, Russia has also deployed Artillery and Missiles at the border. It is speculated that Russia intends to occupy another territory such as Crimea.

Russia’s aggression over Ukraine’s possible inclusion in NATO

Russia has become aggressive due to Ukraine’s possible inclusion in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). If Ukraine joins NATO, the scope of the organisation will extend directly to Russia’s borders. Russian leaders including Putin feel that earlier, the United States sought to woo Russia by involving especially, Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia, in NATO. These nations were part of the former Soviet Union. NATO is a military cooperation organisation. An attack on any one of the member countries participating in this organisation is considered as an attack on the entire organisation. Since 1997, 14 countries in Eastern Europe have joined the organisation. These countries are being supplied with arms by the major Western powers like the United States, France, Britain, Germany, and in addition, NATO forces and missiles are also deployed in these countries.

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