Allahabad High Court’s advice to Prime Minister Narendra Modi

If life sustains, the world exists – High Court

Editorial comment

If coronavirus infection is going to increase due to election campaigns and meetings, then it is very essential to postpone the election. Why this has to be told ? (The Government should have done it on its own.)

Prayagraj (UP) – Allahabad High Court has advised Prime Minister Narendra Modi to temporarily postpone the UP Legislative Assembly Elections realising the increasing infection of coronavirus’ new strain ‘Omicron’ in the country; because if life sustains, then only the world exists. It has also advised stopping the political meetings at various places in UP.

The High Court has said that PM Narendra Modi and the Election Commissioner should take drastic steps to stop election meetings in the State. They should suggest the political parties to make use of TV and periodicals/Newspapers/Print media for campaigning for elections.

Allahabad High Court has also praised Modi with respect to the vaccination. It said that running a free campaign of vaccination in a country with such a vast population was commendable.


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