Jihadi terrorist organisations active in the Indian subcontinent : US

Areas of Jammu and Kashmir, North-East and Central India affected by Naxal and terrorist activities

Washington (US) – The latest report ‘2020 Country Reports on Terrorism’ by the US State Department, states that jihadi terrorist organisations such as Lashkar-e-Toiba, Jaish-e-Mohammed, Hizbul Mujahideen, Islamic State, and Al-Qaeda are active in the Indian subcontinent. Jammu and Kashmir, North-East India, and Central India are the areas affected by Naxalite and terrorist activities.

1. The report, published annually, states that the Government of India has made significant efforts to detect whether terrorist organisations are active on its borders, as well as to prevent them, but the danger is still there.

2. The report also cites Indian security forces’ crackdown on Al-Qaeda linked Ansar Gajawat-ul-Hind terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir.

3. In December, India had proposed to hold another counter-terrorism exercise with the United States, Australia, and Japan, the report said. Naxalite groups are active in the North-East; violence by terrorists has decreased. Khalistani groups have become less active in the country. It has been clarified that many organisations involved in the Khalistan movement are not involved in important activities on India’s borders.

4. The Indian security forces are capable of deterring threats to the country from terrorism, but Indian security forces demonstrate the limited capacity to patrol and secure extensive maritime and land borders. The report also said that there is a lack of coordination amongst them. (Why didn’t India realise the shortcomings shown by the US ? Or are they not taken seriously ? – Editor)

ISIS has 66 Indian-origin terrorists

The Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist organisation has 66 members of Indian origin who have been identified. The report also states that no terrorist returned to India from abroad in 2020. ‘Counter-terrorism organisations in India, including the National Investigation Agency (NIA), have been on the lookout for terrorist organisations operating at the national as well as regional levels and have stopped their activities promptly. The NIA also arrested 160 people in 34 cases related to the Islamic State’, the report said.

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