Sanatan’s Ashram is an active laboratory of Hindutva ! : Pushpendra Kulshreshtha

Renowned speaker and journalist Mr Pushpendra Kulshreshtha’s goodwill visit to Sanatan’s Ashram at Ramnathi, Goa

Mr Pushpendra Kulshreshtha, reading the Hindi fortnightly ‘Sanatan Prabhat’. Next to him – Mr Ramesh Shinde and Mr Chetan Rajhans

Ramnathi (Goa), 28th November (News) – Mr Pushpendra Kulshreshtha, renowned speaker and journalist, praised ‘Sanatan’s Ashram addressing it to be an active laboratory of Hindutva. He also admired it saying, scientific work of Sanatan Dharma is being carried out here in Sanatan’s Ashram. He paid a goodwill visit to Sanatan’s Ashram. Sanatan Sanstha’s national Spokesperson Mr Chetan Rajhans explained Mr Kulshreshtha the mission of the Nation and Dharma that is being carried out in the Ashram. He was very much impressed with the mission of uplifting the Nation, Dharma and Society, so also with the well-organised management in the Ashram. Mr Ramesh Shinde, National Spokesperson of HJS was also present on this occasion. ‘Sanatan Almanac’ and spiritual Text in Hindi, ‘Dharmashiksha Phalak’, were offered to Mr Pushpendra Kulshreshtha.


You are doing very good work which is impossible in today’s times ! – Pushpendra Kulshreshtha

Mr Pushpendra Kulshreshtha paid a visit to Dainik Sanatan Prabhat’s office. He was impressed seeing the seekers in that office offering full-time voluntary services despite having no previous experience in journalism. He remarked while praising the seekers in the office, ‘You are doing very good work which is impossible in today’s times’ !