Do not exhibit paintings of MF Hussain, who has denigrated Bharat Mata and Hindu Deities

Hindu Janajagruti Samiti appeals to Air India, Mumbai

Mumbai, 26 November – Hindu Janagaruti Samiti sent an appeal to the Air India office at Mumbai, requesting not to display paintings of MF Hussain, who drew naked pictures of Bharat Mata, erotic and perverted pictures of Hindu Deities. Air India is organising an Art exhibition at their Mumbai office. Paintings by famous artists will be displayed and made available for sale, including paintings of MF Hussain. Upon receiving this information Mr Prasad Mankar and Mr Manjunath Pujari, on behalf of Hindu Janagjagruti Samiti, met Air India Security Head Kishore Prabhu and made the above request.

The statement issued by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti says,

MF Hussain published a painting titled ‘rape of India’, after the terrorist attack in Mumbai on 26th November 2008. 4 cases have been registered and more than 1,200 complaints have been lodged against him for drawing perverted paintings of Bharat Mata and Hindu Deities.

To escape from Police arrest, he moved to Qatar and died there. He has hurt the sentiments of Hindus and patriots with his obscene paintings.

Due to the protests by the patriots, the award announced by the Kerala Government ‘Raja Ravi Verma’ award, ‘Rupadhar Jeevangaurav’ award and Dubai’s ‘Bhoruka Trust’ awards were revoked. His photo from Singapur`s ABN Emro Banks’s credit card was removed. More than 15 of his painting exhibitions were called off.

The exhibition of paintings by Hussain is, in a sense, an exaltation of his actions. Considering the seriousness of the issue, Hussain’s paintings should not be displayed. If Hussain’s paintings are displayed, there will be agitation against it. However, we hope your cooperation will be there and such a situation will not occur.