Bihar the poorest state in India : NITI Aayog report

NITI Aayog releases the National Multidimensional Poverty Index (NMPI) baseline report

Maharashtra ranked 17th while Kerala records the lowest poverty rate

Editorial comment

It is shameful for all party Governments in India that more than half of the population of a State like Bihar lives in poverty even after 74 years of Independence.  

New Delhi – As per the poverty index report published by NITI Aayog, Bihar is the poorest State.

51.91% of the population in Bihar falls below the poverty line, followed by 42.16% in Jharkhand, 37.79% in Uttar Pradesh (UP), 36.65% in Madhya Pradesh (MP) and 32.67% in Meghalaya. Maharashtra ranks 17th in the index with 14.85% of the population below the poverty line. Telangana has 13.74%, Karnataka 13.16%, Andhra Pradesh 12.31% and Haryana has a 12.28% of the population below the poverty line. 4.89% of Tamil Nadu, 3.82% of Sikkim while 3.76% of Goa’s population is poor. Kerala recorded the lowest poverty rate having 0.71% population below the poverty line.