Solution Over Pollution


The earth is now on the brink of extinction due to scientific progress made by humans over the past 2 centuries !

Like every year, the issue of pollution in New Delhi has come to the fore. The fact is that New Delhi, the capital of India, is notorious for being the most polluted city in the world; the rulers, establishments and residents do not seem to be concerned about it. If they were to be, they would have come together for some initiative to prevent and reduce pollution, and the results would have been visible.

Air Pollution Control Equipment has been installed at some places in New Delhi. Their number is small. Hundreds of such equipment are required to be installed in New Delhi to minimise pollution. Why didn’t the Government install more of these devices last year ? Not only New Delhi but also all the major metros and now some cities in the country are witnessing high levels of pollution. What are its causes ? We need to understand that the main reason for pollution is the number of industries and vehicles. According to a study conducted by the Indian Medical Research Council, coal-fired power generation plants are causing the most pollution in the country; so it is necessary to reduce coal-fired power generation and reduce the use of coal in industries and homes.

After this, the study says that smoke being emitted by vehicles leads to pollution. The study points out the reasons for the pollution. Therefore, the Government, the people and the industry should take this seriously and take immediate corrective steps. More so, because in 2019, 9,07,000 people died in the country due to pollution. This figure is 9% more than the number of deaths in 2015.
Of these, 17% or 1,57,000 people died due to coal fumes emitting from power generation projects alone. Efforts are being made worldwide to control the usage of coal. India is also being pressurised to make such an effort, but India needs a concrete alternative, which is difficult in the current situation.

Need to be tough !

India is experiencing power shortages and is currently facing coal shortage. Lack of coal has led to power outages in some States. In such a scenario, minimizing coal-fired power generation and generating thermal power with other options needs to be expedited. However, this is not possible in a slow-paced country like India.

The people in the villages and the industry should be given alternatives to coal, which does not seem to be possible as of now. Electric vehicles have come into the market as an alternative to petrol and diesel vehicles. Although it is said that these will not cause pollution, charging such vehicles will require more electricity than ever before, and this power generation is ultimately done by coal.

Which would mean that the solution to the pollution woes is not in sight in the immediate future. Hence, the people have to tolerate it.

This problem of pollution is not only in India but all over the world. Developed countries, which are the main generators of pollution, have become aware of this and have tried to overcome it. Some years ago, the air quality index in Paris, the capital of France, went above 100. It should usually be less than 50. So the French Government imposed a strict lockdown in Paris for a few days and made war-like efforts to control pollution. Due to this, within a few days, the air quality index reduced to 35. After this, the Government lifted the lockdown, but introduced strict rules to control pollution. Such efforts are required all over India because the air quality Index even of the Himalayan air is beyond 100. In New Delhi, it has reached 500, which is extremely dangerous.

The situation is almost the same in other metros. It must be acknowledged that all forms of pollution are a ‘gift of science’. However, it is also possible to prevent it through drastic measures. The Industrial Revolution took place in Europe about 1.5 to 2 centuries ago. At that time, a female scientist had warned that it could lead to pollution; even then it was ignored completely. Its consequences are being felt not only in India but the world over today. The earth is now on the brink of extinction due to scientific progress made by humans over the past 1.5 to 2 centuries. The efforts being made now are like digging a well when you are thirsty. How much will this help, only time will tell. Till then, humans will have to pay the price.

Need to act in accordance with Nature’s rule !

A situation similar to 1.5 century ago needs to be created to overcome pollution completely. This is not possible right now, but we have to take steps in that direction. That is, humans should try to behave according to the laws of Nature. Appropriate equipment, materials, daily routine, industry, goods, medicines should be used. Perhaps there will be nothing left after the World War 3 that is staring at us. At that time, when humans reach this state, the pollution will end.